Near-miss at JFK Airport!

Two Planes Nearly Collide in Near-Miss at JFK Airport

By Aric Jenkins 9:19 AM EST (PHOTO: Daniel Acker—Bloomberg/Getty)

Disaster nearly struck New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport Tuesday after an airliner mistakenly tried to land on the same runway where another packed plane was attempting to take off.

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According to a recent Aerospace Forecast (FY2017 – 2037) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), revenue-generating passenger miles will increase at a rate of up to 3.4% per year (international + domestic), the general aircraft fleet will expand at a rate of 0.1% per year (amounting to roughly 3,400 planes) and operations requirements for FAA and contract control towers will increase by 0.8% per year. What this means is that indications are that people will fly more, there will be more planes in the air and trafficking through airports and the strain on air traffic controllers will likely increase in the next twenty years. It remains to be seen how technological advancements will aid in making the NextGeneration National Airspace System more efficient. Innovations to assist the transition to new air traffic control methods and air space management will apparently be paramount to avoid future incidents like what occurred at JFK today.

-D. Stolz