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Weather and climate change affect almost every area of commercial and private business, which is evidenced by the cost of natural disasters reaching billions of dollars annually and how our daily decision making is often closely tied to what’s going on with the weather outside. Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC was founded to address the need for applied meteorological expertise in a versatile, professional consulting practice.

Preparing observation instrument package.
Preparing a radiosonde instrument package for launch near Moclips, WA during the OLYMPEx research campaign (2015) (Copyright (c) Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC, 2021).

Our mission is to deliver the most accurate, timely meteorological services to promote efficient and sustainable business. We pride ourselves on being among the most reliable and objective sources for general consulting across the atmospheric science disciplines. Our specialists are certified as professional practitioners in their respective fields by the American Meteorological Society and other accredited national associations.

When you choose Cross Product, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible insights at a fair and competitive rate. Why would you settle for anything less? Contact Cross Product today to discuss your professional meteorological service needs and together we will make sense of the atmosphere’s impact on your case.


About the Founder – Douglas C. Stolz, PhD, CCM

Dr. Douglas C. Stolz’s involvement in the field of atmospheric science stemmed from early curiosity about the summer thunderstorms and winter snowstorms that routinely buffeted the northeast U.S. (he did his primary school assessment on tropical cyclones, also known as “hurricanes”). He enjoyed math and physics in high school and his continuing fascination with weather would eventually land him in Honolulu, HI, where he began university studies in Meteorology. After completing his B.S. and M.S. degrees at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Dr. Stolz took an opportunity to conduct atmospheric research as part of the Radar Meteorology group at Colorado State University. He earned his doctorate in Atmospheric Science after four years and is the lead author on four publications in the scientific literature about severe weather and climatology (he remains active in the peer-review process for several technical journals). His field duties during three separate research campaigns from 2012-2015 were satellite position forecasting and data collection within the states of North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Washington. He has since turned attention toward applied science initiatives in the private sector.

As an expert witness, Dr. Stolz has opined on severe weather in the state of Washington. Following Hurricane Maria (2017), he spent one hundred and twenty-five days in San Juan, Puerto Rico supporting the Shelter and Temporary Essential Power (STEP PR) recovery effort to rebuild 120,000 homes that were damaged during the disaster. On behalf of the University of Hawaii’s National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, Dr. Stolz has instructed over five hundred people on natural weather and climate hazards in more than three hundred hours of group training nationwide (including in the U.S. territories of Guam and Puerto Rico). Dr. Stolz has contributed to technical product development to assist start-up companies in the weather-technology space to secure millions of dollars in capital. In collaboration with professional practitioners and private research groups, his continuing research is focused on incorporating atmospheric science into disaster preparedness and commercial clean-energy solutions (e.g., powering ocean-going ships using innovative wind-assist technologies). 

Dr. Stolz is committed to staying at the forefront of weather and climate science–to translate that stream of vital information for clients and the general public. He is the current chair of the Association of Consulting Meteorologists Ethics and Standards Committee and liaison to the American Meteorological Society’s Board of Best Practices. Outside of meteorological consulting, Dr. Stolz enjoys flying airplanes, surfing, biking, and skiing in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Aliea, and black labrador, Hoku.