Why hire Cross Product Atmospheric?

We share meteorological expertise and offer novel perspectives to solve your most complex problems! Read on to learn how Cross Product is contributing to its clients’ success…

Expert Witness

Event Reconstruction From NEXRAD Radar

Retain Cross Product to provide the most accurate expert witness reporting on past weather events.


Hire us to evaluate the impact of innovative technologies and to help quantify the impacts of climate & weather on your business operations.

Forecasting & Decision Support

Studying impacts from Hurricane Maria 2017 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Anticipate weather impacts, augment your analysis, and let us develop critical data-driven insights for improved decision making.

Weather and Climate Hazard Training

Tornado Awareness with FEMADiagram showing what it takes to produce a strong thunderstorm.

We create engaging training sessions based on state-of-the-art research and core-scientific understanding for your organization.


A current capability statement for Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC is here.