Thanks for visiting! My name is Douglas Stolz and I am the founder of Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC, an applied-science consulting company dedicated to bringing the latest atmospheric intelligence to light for its clients’ benefit. Meteorology began for me as a novel curiosity in grade school, then turned from a casual interest finally to a passion throughout my years in the academic setting.

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Cross Product is the result when atmospheric science best-practices are applied at the nexus of industries; understanding the nuanced interactions of the science and business is key to delivering actionable insight for my clients. Quickly sourcing appropriate weather data for a pressing client need, quantifying the impacts of weather on their business operations, and doing the background research or real-time analysis to inform decision making is at the heart of what a meteorological consultant does.

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In fact, weather and climate-related disasters are among the costliest in terms of money spent in recovery, indemnification, and repair. It is difficult to name an industry that is not impacted by changing weather and climate. Identify risks and vulnerabilities posed by the environment, to exploit change to your advantage. Cross Product Atmospheric is at your service – providing the best possible professional, technical meteorological insight to promote a most efficient and sustainable future in business. I invite you to continue to explore. Do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your next initiative – at no cost up front!