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My name is Douglas C. Stolz and I want to thank you for visiting! I founded Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC in 2016 to translate technical expertise and passion for atmospheric science into a versatile, professional consulting practice. Weather and climate change affect almost every area of commercial and private business, which is evidenced by the cost of natural disasters amounting to billions of dollars every year globally and how our daily decision making is often closely tied to what’s going on with the weather outside. 

Preparing observation instrument package.
Preparing a radiosonde instrument package for launch near Moclips, WA during the OLYMPEx research campaign (2015) (Copyright (c) Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC, 2021).

Our mission is to deliver the most accurate, timely meteorological services to promote efficient and sustainable business for decades to come. We pride ourselves on being among the most reliable and objective sources for general consulting across the Atmospheric Science disciplines. When you choose Cross Product, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible insights at a fair and competitive rate. Why would you settle for anything less?

Contact Cross Product today to discuss your professional meteorological service needs – free of charge – and together we will make sense of the atmosphere’s impact on your business.