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Thanks for visiting! My name is Douglas Stolz and I am the founder of Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC. Meteorology began for me as a novel curiosity early on and I have since translated that technical passion into a versatile professional practice.

Expertise Areas: Lightning Physics & Climatology, Heavy Rainfall, Severe Weather

Platforms: Remote Sensing (Radar & Satellite), Surface/Upper-Air Observations

Cross Product applies atmospheric science principles to deliver actionable insight for its clients in various sectors. We are passionate about all aspects of scientific weather consulting: forecasting, forensic analysis, training, as well as sourcing and delivering the most accurate atmospheric data available.

Preparing observation instrument package.
Preparing radiosonde instrument package during the OLYMPEx campaign, Moclips, WA 2015 (Copyright (c) Cross Product Atmospheric, LLC, 2020).

Weather and climate-related disasters are routinely among the costliest in terms of money spent in recovery, indemnification, and repair. Our mission is to provide the best professional meteorological insight to promote efficient, profitable, and sustainable futures for public, private, & commercial businesses. Contact us for a service quote today!